Initial category

Initial concept


Industry planning

The government can give a 5-year or 10-year industry plan regularly to guide construction companies to follow the national strategy to apply some emerging information technology. (a1)

Industry planning is relatively important and it can have some impact on the future development of the industry. (a2)

Some industry prospect plans issued by the government still have a certain guiding role for enterprises. (a3)


Tax regulations

This policy can promote the application of digital technology by reducing taxes on construction companies that apply digital technology to reduce the cost of digital technology. (a4)

The state’s reduction of taxes for construction technology innovation enterprises can indeed stimulate our enthusiasm for research and development. (a5)

The profit rate of the construction industry is relatively low. When the state lowers taxes for innovative construction companies, we will also promote R&D and innovation of companies for tax incentives. (a6)


Local regulations

Some local governments can use some local regulations and policy dividends to guide local construction companies to apply new information technology applications. (a7)

Sometimes policies and regional regulations do have some influence on regional companies. (a8)

Local regulations will affect the decision-making of local companies, as well as the application of internal technology in the company’s digital technology. (a9)





Hardware technology

If we have good enough hardware technology, our construction companies are also willing to adopt digital technology to improve their production efficiency. (a611)

The application of digital technology in construction enterprises is related to the level of hardware technology. (a612)

We are also working hard to overcome the difficulties of hardware technology in digital technology. (a613)

The domestic hardware technology is decent, and we are more willing to adopt domestic digital software. (a614)


Standardized platform

Construction companies can better manage and apply digital technologies by building standardized platforms. (a615)

As an information company, we have adopted a standardized platform, thus improving work efficiency. (a617)

We have inspected companies in the industry that adopt standardized platforms, and it really makes us more convenient. (a618)


Vicious competition

Our information company will encounter vicious competition when promoting some technologies, which will lead to decreasing the return of technology. (a619)

I think that guiding the market in a reasonable way to reduce vicious competition can promote the application of digital technology in construction companies. (a620)

When vicious competition is suppressed and the degree of industry involution is reduced, the atmosphere of innovation will become better. (a621)