Objective for evaluation

Risk group level 1

(Hidden risk cause variables)

Risks level 2

(Hypothesized risk variables)

Delaying the construction progress

Risk from contracts


Unfair contract terms (b1.1)

Uncertain and unclear contract terms (b1.2)

Fixing the EPC contract price (b1.3)

Second language contracts with misleading clauses (b1.4)

Risk from politics and law (B2)

The relationship of investor, general contractor with the authority and relevant departments (b2.1)

Regional political change (b2.2)

Laws and regulations of the management agencies (b2.3)

Risk from technology (B3)

Technical design (b3.1)

Negative survey data (b3.2)

Construction drawings (b3.3)

Inspection of technical and drawings design (3.4)

Risk from natural conditions

and social environment (B4)

Geology, topography, and hydrography (b4.1)

Ethnic groups and religions (b4.2)

Transportation outside of the construction site (b4.3)

Safety and security (b4.4)

Risk from economy


Finances of the investor (b5.1)

Interest rate fluctuations (b5.2)

Inflation (b5.3)

Financial capacity of EPC general contractors (b5.4)

Risk from management


Poor progress management (b6.1)

Construction projects monitoring team (b6.2)

Poor quality work requiring repair (b6.3)

Construction safety (b6.4)

Inharmonious management among the EPC general contractors (b6.5)

Risk from EPC general contractors (B7)

Purchasing materials, supplies, equipment and machines (b7.1)

Difficulties with subcontractors (b7.2)

Equipment installation and commissioning (b7.3)

Poor construction from the EPC general contractors (b7.4)

Consequences of the risk factors (B8)

Prolong the construction progress (b8.1)

Increase in construction costs (b8.2)