Specific activity


Enrollment ceremony

June 1

The social worker distributes the companion group medal to the group members.

The group members know each other, and inform the group members of the specific arrangements and procedures of the overall activity, ask the group members for their opinions on the activity arrangements, and emphasize the rules and principles of the group activities to the group members.

Story sharing

June 7

1. Treatment story.

2. Accompanying and listening.

Facilitate communication among group members.

Make a story book

June 7-June 21

1. Social workers collect stories from patients with scoliosis in the story sharing session.

2. Collect group members’ favorite videos.

Build a sense of belonging and self-confidence.

Watch movie

June 27

Social work organizes patients with scoliosis to learn easily.

Icebreaking enhances contact between team members.

Movie sharing

July 4

Share the feeling of watching a movie.

Enhancing member connections.

Strengthen daily life connections.


July 11

Hold a theme concert.

Facilitate collaboration among team members.

Activity video clip

July 11-July 18

Social work editing process.

Consolidate group member memories.

Farewell ceremony

July 24

Deal with the parting emotions of group members.

Strengthen interpersonal connections


1. Carry out data sorting and analysis.

2. Evaluate the effect of controlled trials.

3. Write the experiment report.