Religious Commandments

· Recognising Sheikh Adi as a reformer and implementing his rules in the daily life of each Yazidi.

· Recognising the Sheikhs (teachers) who communicate the teachings of Sheikh Adi.

· Inviolability of the authority of God and Melek Taus.

· Each Yazidi must have a Sheikh and a Pir.

· During this life, each Yazidi must specify a sister/brother for the afterlife.

· One can only be Yazidi by birth. Conversion via missionary work is not foreseen.

Social Commandments

· Marriage is only permitted within the Yazidi religious community (Sheriat).

· Marriage is only permitted within one’s own caste (Tariqat).

Obligations which are not seen as binding everywhere in the community

· Yazidi are not allowed to mention the name of evil.

· A Yazidi is not allowed to shave his moustache.

· In the case of illness, Yazidi are allowed use all means and medications available which are necessary for their recovery.

· Pork, and in some castes other animals (fish, rabbit/hare, male chicken) as well as certain types of salad and vegetables (e.g. cabbage) should not be eaten.

· Once a year the Yazidi should fast in honour of Melek Taus.

· Once in his life, every Yazidi should visit the shrine in Lalish, Kurdistan.