National Technical Support Center for Nuclear Emergency

National Technical Support Center for Nuclear Emergency Decision Making


MOE-China Mobile Joint Laboratory

Joint Lab for Internet of Vehicles MOE?China Mobile Communications Corporation


Other scientific research bases of MOE

1) National Human Resources Institute for Service Outsourcing

2) Center for Online Education Research Ministry of Education

3) Yau Mathematical Sciences Center


State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory

1) Key Laboratory of Microorganism Application and Risk Control

2) Key Laboratory of Eco-Industry

3) Key Laboratory of Sources and Control of Air Pollution Complex


State Environmental Protection Engineering Center

State Environmental Protection Eng. Center for Tech. Management & Evaluation


Key Laboratory of Ministry of Culture

Key Laboratory of Traditional Craft Techniques and Materials Research


National Cultural Industry Research Center

National Cultural Industry Research Center, Tsinghua University


Key Laboratory of S & T of Press and Publication

Key Laboratory of Digital Content Anti-Counterfeiting and Security Forensics


State Sports Administration Key Research Base

State Sports Administration Key Research Base for Sports and Social Sciences


State Work Safety Key Laboratory

State Administration of Work Safety: Research Laboratory of Fire Safety and Emergency Technology of National Key Reserve Facilities


Key Scientific Research Base of State Administration for Cultural Heritage

Key Scientific Research Base of Space Information Technology of Tsinghua University


Key Scientific Research Base of Space Information Technology of Tsinghua University

Key Laboratory of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Chemical Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine


Beijing Innovation Center

1) Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology

2) Technology Innovation Center on Chip of Excellence


Beijing Laboratory

Biomedical Detection Technology and Instrument Beijing Laboratory


Beijing Key Laboratory

1) Key Lab of Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion

2) Key Lab of Green Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technology

3) Key Lab of Membrane Materials and Engineering

4) Key Lab of Protein Therapeutics

5) Key Lab of Fine Ceramics

6) Key Lab of Precision and Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Equipment’s and Control

7) Key Lab of CO2 Utilization and Reduction Technology

8) Key Lab of Networked Multimedia

9) Key Lab of City Integrated Emergency Response Science

10) Key Lab of Microanalysis and Instrumentation

11) Key Lab Bio-fabrication and Rapid Forming Technology

12) Key Lab of Nuclear Detection and Measurement

13) Key Lab Multi-Dimensional Multi-Scale Computational Photography

14) Key Lab Organic Emerging Contaminants Control

15) Key Lab Spatial Development for Capital Region

16) Key Lab Indoor Air Quality Evaluation and Control

17) Key Lab of Radioactive Waste Treatment

18) Key Lab of Industrial Big Data, Tsinghua University

19) Key Lab of Immunological Research on Chronic Diseases


Beijing Engineering Laboratory

Beijing Engineering Laboratory for E-Business Technologies