National International S & T Collaboration Base (International Joint Research Center)

1) New Energy & Environment International Research Center (IRC) of MOST

2) Tsinghua University National Center of Novel Materials for International Research

3) International collaborative research center for functional materials

4) National Center for International Research of U.S.-China Clean Vehicle Technology

5) China-Latin America Joint Laboratory for Clean Energy and Climate Change

6) Sino-Russian International Joint Research Center for Aerospace Innovation Technology, Tsinghua University


National International S & T Collaboration Base

1) State Key Laboratory (SKL) of Tribology

2) Institute for China-Russia Strategic Collaboration, Tsinghua University


Institute for Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

Institute for Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Tsinghua University


Tsinghua-Peking Uni. Joint Center for Life Sciences

Tsinghua-Peking University Joint Center for Life Sciences


Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education (MOE)

1) Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Phosphorus Chemistry & Chemical Biology

2) Key Laboratory of Industrial Biocatalysis

3) Key laboratory of Applied Mechanics

4) Key Laboratory of Earth System Numerical Simulation

5) Key Laboratory of Protein Sciences

6) Key Laboratory of Bioinformatics

7) Key Laboratory of Pervasive Computing

8) Key Laboratory of Particle and Radiation Imaging

9) Key Laboratory of Security for Information System

10) Key Laboratory of Urban-Rural Eco Planning and Green Building

11) Key Laboratory of Civil Engineering Safety and Durability

12) Key Laboratory of Solid Waste Management and Environment Safety

13) Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials Processing Technology

14) Key Laboratory of Thermal Science and Power Engineering

15) Key Laboratory of Advanced Reactor Engineering and Safety

16) Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials of Ministry of Education

17) Key Laboratory of Organic Optoelectronics & Molecular Engineering


International Joint Research Laboratory (IJRL)

IJRL for Innovative Design and Manufacturing of Advanced Mechanical Systems


Engineering Research Center (ERC) of MOE

1) ERC of Energy Saving in Architecture

2) ERC of Intelligent Tech) and Equipment for Saving Energy and Increasing Benefit

3) ERC of Solid State Device and Integration Technologies

4) ERC Radiation Technologies and Radiation Imaging

5) ERC of Clean Energy Chemical Engineering

6) ERC of Nuclear Power Technology

7) ERC of Computer Network Technology


MOE-Microsoft Key Laboratory

MOE-Microsoft Key Laboratory of Media and Networking, Tsinghua University


Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities

1) Research Center for Contemporary Management, Tsinghua University

2) Research Center for Technological Innovation, Tsinghua University

3) Research Center for College Moral Education, Tsinghua University

4) Research Center for Excavated Texts and Ancient Chinese Civilization


Soft Science Research Base of MOE

Research Center for Science and Education Policy, Tsinghua University


Center for Education Strategy and Planning of MOE

Center for Educational Strategy and Policy at Tsinghua University