National Research Center (NRC)

Beijing NRC for Information S & T


Large Research Infrastructure


1) National LRI for Protein Science of Beijing Base

2) Earth System Numerical Simulation Facility


National Large Research Infrastructure (NLRI) for Protein Science of Beijing Base

1) Beijing National Center for Electron Microscopy

2) Beijing Electrons Spectroscopy Center


State Key Laboratory (SKL)

1) SKL of Chemical Engineering

2) SKL of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control

3) SKL of Low-Dimensional Quantum Physics

4) SKL of Membrane Biology

5) SKL of Precision Measuring Technology and Instruments

6) SKL of Integrated Optoelectronics

7) SKL of Microwave and Digital Communication

8) SKL of Intelligent Technology and System

9) SKL of Hydro-science and Engineering

10) SKL of Tribology

11) SKL of Automotive Safety and Energy

12) SKL of Control and Simulation of Power System and Generation Equipment

13) SKL of New Ceramic and Fine Processing


National Engineering Laboratory (NEL)

1) NEL for Digital Television

2) NEL for Electronic Commerce Technology

3) NEL for Neuromodulation Technology

4) NEL for Anti-Tumor Protein Therapeutics

5) NEL for Next Generation Internet Backbone

6) NEL for Ultra High Voltage Engineering Technology

7) NEL for Industrial Enzymes

8) NEL for Green & Safe construction technology in Urban Rail Transit

9) NEL for flue gas multi pollutant control technology and equipment

10) NEL for Dangerous Articles and Explosives Detection Technologies

11) NEL for Big Data Software


National Engineering Research Center (NERC)

1) NERC of Optical Memory

2) NERC of Clean Coal Combustion

3) NERC of Gas Turbine and IGCC Technology

4) NERC for Beijing Biochip Technology

5) National CIMS Engineering Research Center

6) National Enterprise Information Software Engineering Research Center

7) National Research Center of Traffic Management Engineering & Technology