Internal Environment

1) Rich Natural Ecotourism Resources with Beautiful Scenery and Vast Forests.

2) Abundant Cultural Ecotourism Resources with Diversified Folk Cultures.

3) Rich Red Ecotourism Resources in Old Revolutionary Bases.

4) Huge Potential on Industrial Ecotourism Development as China’s Gas Capital.

5) Strong Tourism Potentiality with Outstanding Regional Advantages.

1) Weak Ecological Awareness of the Local People.

2) Low Professional Quality of Ecotourism Practitioners.

3) Lack of Depth in Ecotourism Development.

4) Lack of Scientific Ecotourism Planning.



External Environment

1) Rapid development of eco-tourism.

2) Ecotourism is an important way for accurate poverty alleviation in Dazhou.

1) Highly Competitive Ecotourism Market.

2) Insufficient ecological responsibility of ecotourism developers and operators.

3) Industrial Transformation in the Era of “Dazhiyiyun”.