I would strongly encourage them to seek support and reassure them. I would let them know that from my own personal perspective the support given was life changing and has really helped me to not only cope with tasks at work better but ultimately really boosted my confidence.


Have an initial chat with someone who can offer help. You don’t have to commit to anything you’re not comfortable with. You owe it to yourself to get as much information as possible to help you make the right decision for you.


Please do not let this opportunity go by. You can do something about it by letting your employer know that you are dyslexic.


I would let them know that it will help them in the long run for all aspects of their life; not only in the workplace and that it is well worth it.


That the training has given me the confidence to speak openly about my dyslexia and that I am no longer worrying unnecessarily that the problem is because I am useless, rather I can see how to use tools to help me progress through periods of uncertainty.


I would certainly encourage them to seek help and to take up the offer of coaching if it were offered.


I would speak about my own experience and what a difference seeking support really made to my work and my confidence.


I would explain that in my experience even very small inconspicuous changes can make a big difference, sometimes the stigma we place on ourselves is worse than what others might think.


I would encourage them to contact the Equality Team for a confidential chat.


The support is confidential and allows you to review your current position, review and improve your coping strategies and talk to someone who understands what it is to be dyslexic.


I would very much encourage my colleague to seek help. I would also make it clear that dyslexia does not prevent you from achieving your goals as long as you are willing to ask for support when needed.


I would recommend having the support as it would be beneficial and would help them at their job and to get support for their department.