I feel far more in control which has boosted my confidence and this has been noted by colleagues.


I’m still not very good at deadlines (but I’m working on it). My manager has commented that I seem more confident and less anxious. Hopefully it (my confidence) will grow with time.


Yes. I really did not know that my dyslexia was the reason I couldn’t do my job properly. Since I have completed my sessions I am more organised.


It takes time to readjust but it’s better. I couldn’t be more happy with the dyslexia support I received. It has more certainly changed my life and the way I feel about the struggles I have had my whole life that have gone unnoticed. Thank you.


It still needs some work but overall I think that I am not worrying about things as much and not worrying helps performance. I have found the support and the assessor to be very accommodating. I would like to thank the assessor for being so kind, something which I will value for a very long time.


I am completing and achieving more. I am managing my email better, though there is still room for improvement here. I am prioritising better and am more efficient at completing tasks to deadlines (even if self-imposed). The mapping technique is helping enormously for everything. I don’t forget or miss so many things out―I always map a plan even for some small things.


There has definitely been an improvement in my confidence and overall work output. This has also been commented on by my line manager which is reassuring.


Manager has observed an improvement and is supportive. Discussed at PRDP.


Some aspects of work are still challenging, but I have a better understanding of myself and my abilities.


It has helped me build relationships and identify strategies for dealing with delivery of multiple projects.


There is a lot more awareness of my condition as some of my colleagues have also been diagnosed with dyslexia.


My line manager has struggled to understand my dyslexia and there have been many problems over this. My work has improved due to the work support but problems with my line manager had lead to a performance review.