I have really good strategies for dealing with my work and the support really boosted my confidence. I don’t put off tasks and have finally found the answer to why I find certain tasks more difficult than others.


Yes, I’m transitioning into a new role which is much better suited to my strengths. Having coaching changed my perspective. I was putting myself under a lot of pressure to perform and succeed without taking into account my dyslexia. For me it’s still early days but this feels so much better.


Confidence has improved.


I feel more confident in what I do and I don’t beat myself up about being too slow or struggling to read. I find comfort in the techniques I’ve learnt to help me better work and daily life.


Thinking things through a little more rationally and not having so many panic attacks.


I’m definitely doing things I wouldn’t have thought I could ever do before. Shortly I will be making a presentation to the National ***―which is unbelievable.


I am more aware of what my difficulties are but rather than viewing them as hindrances I can adopt strategies that I learned through the coaching.


More structured approach to organising work in particular producing written materials.


I’m aware of why I struggle in certain areas of work and have systems in place to help.


I have improved my organisation of my emails and have software to assist in planning out new projects or pieces of work. I have altered the way I use Outlook calendars to make this more functional.


I have more confidence in my writing skills and no longer doubt my ability.


More confidence in myself and to see other people’s perspectives of dyslexia in the workplace.