Naming convention


Region is a geographical entity organized roughly along provincial boundaries

South, South West, North, North West


An Area is an administrative unit created (and occasionally revised) to reflect an optimal composition of school units and campuses.

Based on main City in the Area, as determined by the respective Regional Manager


Cluster is logical grouping of Campuses in close proximity (typically less than 5 km) and is meant for administrative and expansion planning

Based on main Town in the cluster.


Campus is a concrete structure designed to house a single or multiple school units.

Usually named after the Build Donor


E-compound refers to a group of campuses located in close proximity to another within the same boundary wall, although they operate as independent units

S/4/05 which means that this E-Compound was the fourth E-Compound made in the year 2005 in South


School is a function of campus (that houses the school), shift (morning, afternoon) and type (primary, secondary)

e.g. Khaliq Noorani Primary Morning


Unit is the most basic form of classification based on Capacity of the school

1P, 2P, 1S, 2S etc.