Obtained with:



The 4-inch lens at Sobral

From declinations 1".94

From right ascensions 2".06

the mean result is 1".98

probable error of about ±0".12

(The result from declinations

is about twice the weight

of that from right ascensions)

In summarizing the results of the two expeditions, the greatest weight must be attached to those obtained with the 4-inch lens at Sobral. From the superiority of the images and the larger scale of the photographs it was recognized that these would prove to be much the most trustworthy. Further, the agreement of the results derived independently from the right ascensions and declinations, and the accordance of the residuals of the individual stars ( [11] , p. 308) provides a more satisfactory check on the results than was possible for the other instruments.



The deflection obtained was 1".61 probable error of about ±0".30

The Principe observations were generally interfered with by cloud. The unfavorable circumstances were perhaps partly compensated by the advantage of the extremely uniform temperature of the island.

The Sobral

astrographic plates

The deflection obtained was 0.93 discordant by an amount much beyond the limits of its accidental error

For the reasons already described at length not much weight is attached to this determination.