01) I feel emotionally exhausted because of my work

02) I feel worn out at the end of a working day

03) I feel tired as soon as I get up in the morning and see a new working day stretched out in front of me

04) I can easily understand the actions of my colleagues/supervisors

05) I get the feeling that I treat some clients/colleagues impersonally, as if they were objects

06) Working with people the whole day is stressful for me

07) I deal with other people’s problems successfully

08) I feel burned out because of my work

09) I feel that I influence other people positively through my work

10) I have become more callous to people since I have started doing this job

11) I’m afraid that my work makes me emotionally harder

12) I feel full of energy

13) I feel frustrated by my work

14) I get the feeling that I work too hard

15) I’m not really interested in what is going on with many of my colleagues

16) Being in direct contact with people at work is too stressful

17) I find it easy to build a relaxed atmosphere in my working environment

18) I feel stimulated when I been working closely with my colleagues

19) I have achieved many rewarding objectives in my work

20) I feel as if I’m at my wits’ end

21) In my work I am very relaxed when dealing with emotional problems

22) I have the feeling that my colleagues blame me for some of their problems