Land use type

Land use classifications

Miscellaneous coastal vegetation

Coastal vegetation cover dominated by old big indigenous trees

Thickets with trees

Mainly coastal bush with big old trees dominant

Coastal bush with trees

Dominated by coastal bush with the presence of few old trees


Coastal Forest

Settlement with mixed cash crops

Farm settlements with cash crop trees such as; mango, cashew nuts, coconuts and other indigenous trees together with seasonal crops such as maize, and a small number of livestock

Mangrove forest

All mangrove forest in the study site

Residential plots

Private plots along the beach with residential and holiday houses and thick vegetation cover

Seasonal Swamp

Area regularly flooded during rainy season


Areas adjacent to hotels and covered by white sand and used as a recreational area


Areas composed of built-up areas under intensive use with residential, commercial and business centers and institutional facilities and other infrastructure.

Barren land

Land which is not covered by any vegetation at the time of the image acquisition and field verification (for the current period)


Mainly houses and villages with little vegetation or tree cover and where there is expansion of built-up areas (in progress)

Private holiday houses

Houses constructed for the purposes of rent and tourist accommodation