Domain 1: Research team and reflexivity

Evans et al. 2008

Høybye et al., 2005

La Cour et al. (2016)

Personal Characteristics



Interviewer/facilitator Which author/s conducted the interview or focus group?

If they have identified give a point, if they haven’t give 0, if you unclear type U.


Unclear who did the interview

U it says we a lot but doesn’t let the reader know who



Experience and training. What experience or training did the researcher have?

Where experience is clearly detailed or a detailed reference to training OR experience is made a point is given. IF unclear or absent give zero.


As above

0 No detail on experience given


Relationship with participants


Relationship established, Was a relationship established prior to study commencement?

Give a point if details of how the researcher or person who undertook qualitative data collection met individuals, identified any previous relationship. Where this is unclear type U. Where this information is absent type 0.


Not mentioned

U doesn’t consider how relationship was established after initial contact



Participant knowledge of the interviewer. What did the participants know about the researcher? e.g. personal goals, reasons for doing the research

A point is scored where information about what the participants knew about the research they were being invited to participate in was mentioned. This includes sending background information and study information sheets. Score zero where this information is absent and U where this information is unclear

0 Not mentioned

1 Research information sent to group giving background information.


Interviewer characteristics. What characteristics were reported about the interviewer/facilitator? e.g. Bias, assumptions, reasons and interests in the research topic

Score a point where information about the characteristics of the interviewer, their bias, interests or reasons for participating in research are identified. Score zero where this information is absent. Score u where this information is unclear.


Not mentioned

0 Not mentioned