Item of Tradables

1 Primary Goods

Fruit, Meat, Rice, Cocoa, Tea, Coffee, Wood, Coal, Crude Oil, Natural Gas

2 Manufactured Goods

2.1 Resource-Based Manufactured Goods

2.1.1 Agriculture/Forestry Manufactured Goods

Processed Meat/Fruit, Beverages, Wood Products, Vegetable Oils

2.1.2 Other Resource-Based Manufactured Goods

Mineral Refining Products, Petroleum/Rubber Products, Cement, Cut Gems, Glass

2.2 Low-Tech Manufactured Goods

2.2.1 Textile/Clothing category

Textile Fabrics, Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Leather Products, Travel Accessories

2.2.2 Other Low-Tech Products

Pottery, Primary Metal Parts, Furniture, Jewelry, Toys, Plastic Products

2.3 Medium Tech Manufactured Goods

2.3.1 Automotive Products

Passenger Cars and Parts, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles and Parts

2.3.2 Medium Tech Processing Industries

Synthetic Fibers, Chemicals and Paints, Fertilizers, Plastics, Steel, Pipes

2.3.3 Medium Tech Engineering Products

Engines, Industrial Machinery, Pumps, Switchgear, Boats, Clocks and Watches

2.4 High Tech Manufactured Goods

2.4.1 Electronic and Electrical Products

Office/Data Processing Equipment, Communication Equipment, Television, Transistor, Turbine, Power Generator

2.4.2 Other High-Tech Products

Pharmaceuticals, Aviation Products, Optical/Measuring Instruments, Cameras

3. Others

Electricity, Movies, Prints, Gold, Art, Coins, Pets