Process overview

Value within co-creation


Dialogue: tools and policies to promote customer, market, sales and profitability.

The aim is to provide customers sufficient opportunities to share with organisations their ideas for increasing satisfaction within the product and service experience.


Access: physical infrastructure and processes to support customers and information access.

The aim is to provide customers with the freedom to choose their preferred delivery method for product and service. Giving customers the autonomy to choose their preferred time of receiving products or services.


Risk assessment: tools and processes to support business processes to assess customer viability of customer engagement.

The aim is to provide customers with relevant information about products and services, so they can assess the benefits of such products and services on their own merit.


Transparency: freedom of information to promote logical and physical design of business processes to reduce risk.

The aim is to make available to customers all relevant information in order to smooth the advancement and use of products and services in order to inspire customers with new ideas for consumption and application.