Climate Change

· The company has taken significant measures to reduce the contributions of their operations to global climate change and air pollution through the use of renewable energy, other clean fuels, or through the introduction of energy efficient programs or sale of products promoting energy efficiency.

· The company derives substantial revenues, directly or indirectly, from the sale of coal or oil and its derivative fuel products.

Products & Services

· The company derives substantial revenues from the development of innovative products with environmental benefits, including remediation products, environmental services, or products that promote the efficient use of energy or it has developed innovative products with environmental benefits. (The term “environmental service” does not include services with questionable environmental effects, such as landfills, incinerators, waste-to-energy plants, and deep injection wells).

· The company manufactures ozone depleting chemicals such as HCFCs, methyl chloroform, methylene chloride, or bromines.

· The company is a substantial producer of agricultural chemicals, including pesticides.

Oper. Manag.

· The company has strong pollution prevention programs, including both emissions and toxic-use reduction programs.

· The company is either a substantial user of recycled materials in its manufacturing processes, or a major firm in the recycling industry.

· The company has demonstrated a superior commitment to management systems through ISO 14001 certification and other voluntary programs.

· The company has substantial liabilities for hazardous waste, or has recently paid significant fines or civil penalties for waste management violations.

· The company has recently paid substantial fines or civil penalties for, or it has a pattern of controversies regarding, violations of air, water, or other environmental regulations.

· The company’s emissions of toxic chemicals into the air and water from individual plants are notably high.


· Other Strengths.

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