Ankit Jain et al. [8]

To examine the impact of entry of small investors into derivatives segment.

Liquidity and Price efficiency improved because of small investors’ participation and also volatility not increased in the derivatives segment.



I Gautam et al.,

To study the perception of market participants in derivatives trading.

It was observed that all participants agreed that volumes and volatility have increased significantly after introduction of derivatives and also facilitate price discovery and possibility of good returns.



Sadia Perveen

To explore the causes for lack of growth in derivatives market.

It was found that economic instability was the major cause for lack of growth in derivatives market.



Y S Lai [11]

To examine how GARCH model based on Copula with higher frequency data is useful for hedge ratio estimation.

It was observed that superior returns can be enjoyed by the hedged portfolios build from copula based GARCH model than traditional form of hedging models.