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To study the influence on taxes and Pricing of Stock Futures.

The results revealed a significant implication for tax-exempted investors. If the additional investors were under tax-exemption, then the timing of option would be regardless and the “perfect markets” pricing model assumption should invoke.



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To bring out the relationship between option prices as the assets involved are not essentially of the fixed income nature.

Observed that, the relative values of options might have been affected by several institutional arrangements like delivery and exercise policies, margin requirements, and transactions costs.



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To study the behavioral performance of speculators and hedgers pertaining to derivatives markets in U.S.

The outcome was that, speculators were possessing positive responsiveness towards market sentiment whereas hedgers were negatively responding towards destabilizing impact on futures prices.



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To find out how volatility and futures risk premium influence the trading demands in relation to speculation and hedging in S & P 500.

There is a positive co-relation between volatility and open interest for Hedgers and speculators and also observed that speculators are more responsive to the changes than hedgers in terms of demand in futures risk premium.



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B Kamaiah [21]

To examine the bid-ask spread of equity stocks at the introduction of individual stock futures in NSE.

Single stock futures in NSE have increased liquidity in the underlying stocks.



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To examine the trading mechanism of different types of derivative products and also future prospects and various issues in Indian market.

Several issues like absence of economies of scale, taxation, legal bottlenecks need to have independent regulator to be resolved to boost confidence of participants in the derivatives segment.



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To study the significance of Increase in Derivatives-Trading in India on the Price mechanism Process.

It was found that spot market dominance was high compared to futures and options. Due securities transaction tax on futures and options.



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To examine the origin of derivatives trading, types, regulations, policy developments, potential prospects and challenges of derivatives market in India.

Equity derivatives play an important role in Price-Discovery, technical risk management tools, advancement in financial engineering and hedging strategies are driving financial derivatives.



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To examine the price competence of the CNX Index Futures.

It was observed that there are chances of overpricing and also a considerable difference between mispricing series with altering days to expiration.



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To find the effect of futures and options on valuation, price efficiency and liquidity of stocks.

It was found that derivatives in fact add value to spot market by increasing liquidity and enhancing price.



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To find the determinant of the volatility of the futures contracts in Turkey.

The results point out that time to maturity and open interest have a pessimistic effect on volatility, whereas volume has an optimistic effect on volatility.



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To analyze the dynamic linkages between SGX and NSE Nifty Index Futures contracts taking into account the underlying spot market as well.

It has been found that, irrespective of the exchange in which futures contract are traded, the descriptive statistics of the three-price series and three return series are similar.