Improved consultancy and guiding services relating to the labour market

Innovative methodologies improving the integrated management of resources

New computerized systems to improve communication with the Branch

More flexible research contracts

Increased number of stages, training and guiding services

Computerized systems to

ensure greater transparency and visibility in the use of assigned resources

Punctual supply of

services rendered by the Branch

Creation of university

enterprises workshops to

promote research

Tailored technological

services and assistance

provided to 1st year

students and foreign students

Programming and planning the activities of the Branch in line with the University’s main goals

Greater coordination and integration with the Branch

Reduced bureaucratization of processes relating to the

management of relationships with external businesses

Efficient management of

payments and collections by grant-holders, doctoral

students and students

acquiring a specialization

Increased financial


Better services offered by the Branch

Adjustment of research to the needs of the market and of enterprises