Area of Interest




Capture fishery, Aquaculture and seafood processing.

1) Upcoming Bangabandhu Satellite based monitoring system.

2) Fish capture and protection capability increase.

3) Promotion of environment friendly and sustainable shrimp, crab and potentially important other species farming systems in the coastal region.

4) Mitigation and adaptive measures on the impacts of climate change.


Oil and gas, deep-sea mining (exploration of rare earth metals).

1) Determination of true potentiality of hydrocarbon reserve in the Blue economic zone by establishing capability as well as foreign support.

Marine Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, wave and Tidal energy production.

1) Marine Renewable Energy mapping project to determine the true potential.

2) National and foreign investment.

Marine Biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, seaweed harvesting, seaweed products, marine derived bio-products.

1) Mid and Long-term research on preservation, processing and quality control of marine products.

2) Encouragement of Sea food based restaurant and sea product based industry.

Marine Manufacturing

Boat and ship manufacturing and repairing, marine instrumentation, marine industrial engineering.

1) Loan and project to implement Maine manufacturing.

Port, Shipping & Maritime Logistics

Ship building and repairing, ship owners and operators, shipping agents and brokers, ship management, container shipping services,, custom clearance, freight forwarders.

1) Sonadia deep (Island) seaport establishment.

2) Capability building of three existing ports.

3) Proper monitoring and management system and training.

Marine Tourism

Sunbath, Sailing and boating at sea, surfing, scuba diving, swimming in the sea, bird watching in coastal areas, whale, dolphin watching, trips to the beach, seaside and islands.

1) Eco-friendly tourism.

2) Safety and security.

3) Easy communication system.

4) Marine tourism zone.

Education and Research

Education and training, Research and Development.

Capability enhancement of maritime educational department, institutions and research centre.