Maintaining mental balance in the face of the threat of the cancer

Feeling distress by thinking about death by cancer

Thinking positively about the breast cancer

Trying not to be defeated by the threat of the cancer

Determined to tell the children about the disease

Thinking about the impact of the disease and treatment on the lives of the children

Worried whether to say the disease or not

Being worried about the influence of cancer on the children

Speculating about the psychological reaction of the children

Worrying about children feeling uneasy

Feeling responsibility as unable to carry on with the life of the children

Thinking about the benefits of not

hiding the cancer

Alleviate the own emotional burden

Obtaining support from the children

Estimating the impact on the parent-child relationship

Feeling difficulty

in communicating

the diagnosis of

the cancer to the children

Speculating on the knowledge of children about cancer

Cannot decide how to tell the children about the disease without having them imagine death

Thinking about how to tell the children about cancer without other people finding out

Encouraged to tell about the disease to the children

Encouraged by family to tell children about the disease

Asking other people near the children for support

Determining the

impact on the children

Intuiting a stress response of the children

Guessing whether the children would understand what was meant

Making themselves look


Evading questions about the disease name by children

Relieved that there is no need to tell the children about cancer

Talking openly

about cancer and death

Explain honestly according to child reactions

Assuring not going to die