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[Environment of home hospice]

・The environment provides space for listening one to one.

・Home hospice allows time and an environment for the family.

・A patient can do various things freely.

・A Family caregiver can enjoy freedom.

・A patient is much better in their home.

Hospice is the more comfortable place for death.

・A patient or a family thinks about longer life.

[Care of nurses]

・Nurses feel strong responsibility

・Home visiting is interesting for a nurse.

・Nurses can see a patient’s life.

・Nurses correspond to a patient informally.

・Nurses think of a patient and family kindly.

・Nurses see changes in a man, not in a disease.

・Nurses have a hard time and feel sorrow when a patient dies.

・Nurses have intimate relationships to a patient or family.

・Nurses feel a connection to the family.

・Nurses are sad when a patient returns to the hospital.

・Nurses tried to propose mental care because mental or psychological care

are uncommon in home hospice.

・Listening to a patient or caregiver and giving advice decreases anxiety of a


・A nurses’ advice to family caregivers is useful.

・A clinic nurse adjusts to opinions of visiting nurses.

・Visiting medical treatment nurses follow a patients’ understanding of a

physicians explanation.

[Introduction and continuation]

・A patient hoped to go back to the home.

・A family also hopes to go back to the home.

・Home hospice requires relationships until the end.

・Nurses explain changes of state each visit.

・Family caregivers are relaxed since staff can come


・Caregiver needs to work out.

・Caregivers have a hard time leaving

work places to give care.

・Old caregivers require great physical power.

[Relation between a hospital and a clinic]

・The way of thinking of observation is different among families.

・Family members have different opinions of observation.

・Some clinics did not see a patient at midnight.

・Some hospitals do not permit the family to enter the hospital late.

・Smooth transition from a hospital and a clinic is greatly required.

・Nurses in a clinic do not know the care at that time.

・Nurses in a clinic support or follow visiting nurses.

7) Time and Space for listening carefully

8) Enjoyment of freedom in home

9) Appearance of hope to live

10) Feeling of responsibility and attractiveness of work

11) Thinking of a patient and a family completely and intimate relationships

12) Focus on mental care in home hospice

13) Adjustment of relationships between a visiting nurse station and a clinic

14) Hopes for home hospice by a patient and a caregiver for introduction

15) Economics and man-power to continue home care

16) The different opinions of observation among a family, a hospital, and a clinic.

17) Requirement of connection between hospitals and home hospice clinic