High HbA1c.


Fasting blood glucose.

High blood pressure.

Height, 173.3 cm; Weight, 80.4 kg.

BMI, 26.6 kg/m2; obese.

Health management, Current therapy/behavior/ knowledge

Complied with diet therapy for about 2 months after discharge, but soon reverted to original lifestyle/habits.

Reference to how busy he is at work.

Self-checks blood sugar before breakfast. Injects insulin four times daily.

Smokes 10 cigarettes/day.

Consumes up to 600 mL alcohol are bad for diabetes.

He believes that it is very difficult to quit; he needs them to work.

Can he understand the importance of compliance?

Consumes cafeteria lunch with meat and deep-fried foods.

Consumes sweet snacks before going home at night.

Supper is usually after 10 pm.

Average dietary intake is ~2500 kcal/day.

Diet therapy/ Behavior/Strength

Calorie intake 500 kcal over the recommended value.

His wife manages his diet at home.

He does not care about diet too much.

How to spend leisure time?

Describes difficulties living with therapy for diabetes.

Ineffective management of diet therapy.

Finds continuing diet therapy difficult.


He can manage insulin therapy and blood glucose levels Exercise habits.

Complications, Risk, Observations

Nephropathy and hypertension: Increased risk

Renal function


Blurred vision



Foot sores

Swollen gums


Risk for complications: Neuropathy, retinosis, nephropathy

Chronic hypertension