Study sites



Environment description

Naba Zana, Konioudou, Arzoum Baongo, Goanghin


North Sudanian climate with annual rainfall between 350 mm and 900 mm. These sites have a low vegetation cover.

Located in the commune of Koubri, these sites are highly anthropized (agriculture, fishing, silting...).


There is a strong pressure of fishing and pumping for fruit gardens

Loumbila, Tanghin

Experience a strong anthropization: fishing, pumping, market gardening, household activities, silting ...


This site is located in the downstream part of the Bagré reservoir. Characterized by the cultivation of rice in irrigation.

Dirlakou, Zangoula

Lengha, Koumbouré

Béguédo, Niaogho

Located upstream of the Bagré reservoir, these sites are under strong agricultural pressure.

Nazinga (Kalieboulou, Bodjero, Nakourou)


Vegetation cover of the tree savannah type.

Protected area, controlled fishing.

Mare Hippo


South Sudanese climate. Annual rainfall is between 900 mm and 1100 mm. Important vegetation cover with large trees all around.

Protected area, controlled fishing, presence of invasive plants.


Created in 2018, low agricultural pressure with increasing fishing pressure.