Layer Name



SRTM Digital Elevation Model


SRTM Digital Elevation Model


SRTM Digital Elevation Model

Global Cover

ENVISAT’s Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) Level 1B Land Cover

Forest Non-Forest

JAXA L-band PALSAR SAR and ALOS mosaics using backscatter coefficient to determine “Forest” and “Non-Forest”

Total Canopy Cover

Landsat Vegetation Continuous Fields (VCF) total cover of vegetation of woody plants above 5 m in height.

SAR Land Cover

HH and HV L-band ALOS/PALSAR, and HH and HV C-band.

RADARSAT-2 using a hierarchical object-based image analysis approach to hydrologically variant subregions.


The Global Inland Water dataset shows inland surface water bodies, including fresh and saline lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.


Center for International Earth Science Information Network - CIESIN - Columbia University - Distance Raster generated from Shapefile with Global Roads Open Access Data Set, Version 1 (gROADSv1) 1980-2010. From this distance to roads were calculated.


WWF HydroSHEDS Raster - Hydrological data and maps based on Shuttle Elevation Derivatives at multiple scales.

Human Density

WorldPop Raster with estimated the number of people per hectare by 2015, with national totals adjusted to match the estimates of the UN population division.

Cattle Density

FAO, ILRI, the University of Oxford and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Raster with Global Distribution of Livestock