Alternative Answer


1) Do you know what the pharmacist’s work includes (multiple choices available):

Drug dispensing and distribution; Review and comment on prescriptions; Participate in the formulation of patient drug treatment plans; Medication guidance; Adverse reaction monitoring; Others

112; 74; 40; 89; 35; 11

2) Do you think the job of a pharmacist can be replaced by other medical staff such as doctors and nurses:

Yes; No

27; 103

3) Your level of trust in pharmacists’ promotion of rational drug use:

Completely trust; More trust; half-trusted; don’t believe

39; 77; 13; 1

4) If you have doubts about the use of drugs, whom you will choose to consult:

Physician; Pharmacist; Nurse; Other

91; 36; 2; 1

5) When the pharmacist tells you that there is a problem with the prescription issued by the doctor and you need to see the doctor to revise it, you will:

Follow the arrangement of the pharmacist and talk to the doctor; Go if the pharmacist has a good attitude; You don’t want to go but there is no way, you can’t get the medicine if you don’t go; Resolutely don’t go, Only take medicine; others

113; 4; 6; 1; 6

6) The reasons that affect your cooperation with the pharmacist are (multiple choices available):

The level of trust in the professional level of the pharmacist; The degree of recognition of the pharmacist’s profession; Whether the communication with the pharmacist is pleasant; The attitude of other medical staff to the pharmacist; Others

96; 72; 48; 23; 9