Lentinus e.

Ganoderma l.

Trametes v.

Grifola f.

Innotus o.

Polysaccharide β-glucan lentinan

Polysaccharides GL-PS and Lz-8 Peptidoglycans

Polysaccharides β-glucans PSP and PSK

Polysaccharides of β-glucan D and MD fractions

Pro4X—a newer polysaccharide

AHCC Erythritol-1,2 and 3,4-butanetetrol, sesquiterpenes, steroids, anthraquinones, benzoic acid derivatives and quinolones, bathing acid as a metabolite of sesquiterpenes and carvacrol

Ganoderic acids A, B and C

Ganoderiol F, ganodermontriol

Lanostane triterpenoids inotodiol and inotoxoxide

Oxalic acid, Gallic, p-hydroxybenzoic acid and protocatechins