Purpose and role


Planning approval

Press releases and public meetings

Make the public aware of and participate in the planning process

Develop a list of communications, including federal, state and local government agencies, organizations, legislators, the media and citizens

Letter of Intention for Environmental Impact Report

Publishing press briefings and public open days

Encourage the public to present their ideas and suggestions on specific documents and issues

Collect and respond to more than 500 public opinions on resource conservation, wilderness management, visitor use and partnerships

Overall management plan promulgated

Public seminars and announcements

Collect public suggestions and questions for 90 days

Publish the draft concept of alternative park management in the third notice, and issue the update notice of planning process to determine the final planning plan.

Publish final GMP report/EIS Report

Exchange meetings

The NPS Planning Team will provide a 30-day waiting period for a comprehensive assessment on the draft plan.

Response to substantive comments, and issue final GMP and EIS report. After 30-days’ waiting period, NPS Western Pacific Regional Director will sign decision record of the final planning.