Course Objective

Course Topics

Assessment Methods

Assessment Criteria

1. Understand BIM

The Value of BIM

BIM Delivery Methods

BIM Contract

Assignments and exam

Ability to define BIM, describe its benefits, and identify BIM delivery methods and contract

2. Describe LOD and BIM Execution Plan

Levels of Development

BIM Execution Plan

BIM Team and Meeting

Assignments, project, and presentation

Ability to differentiate LODs, prepare a BIM Execution Plan, and form an effective BIM team

3. Perform BIM Applications

BIM Estimating

Site Logistics

BIM Scheduling


Document Control

Exam and labs

Ability to describe different BIM applications in CM, identify the BIM tools needed, and perform project analysis with BIM tools

4. Apply BIM in Project

Revit Lab

Navisworks Labs

Bluebeam Revu Lab

Labs, project, and presentation

Ability to justify the use of BIM in project-based scenarios and apply BIM to solve problems

5. Demonstrate BIM Advances

Laser Scanning

Real-Time Walkthrough

VR and MR Experience

Participation and labs

Ability to describe the latest advances in BIM and operate the equipment effectively