Benches, dustbins, signs, bulletin boards, Stands for lighting, entrance gates, fences, picnic places, private spaces and retreats, canopies


Library, exhibition, gallery, amphitheater, fountain, kiosks for selling magazines


WC, toilets, cafeteria and restaurant, health care and first aid centers, picnic place, private spaces and retreats, canopies

Welfare facilities

machinery room (water and electricity), storage equipment, greenhouse nurseries, fertilizer and compost sites, resting places of park servants

Welfare equipment

Such equipment are various and change according to age (children). They also vary according to culture and traditions of each society.

Play equipment

Playground, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis


Mythological figures, celebrities, community leaders and favorite characters, inscriptions, memorials of park construction, special facades, green entries using pruning

Visual Arts