Lots of sediments (10)

Moderate sediments (5)

Low sediments (0)

Surface geology

・ sea Shale

・ gypsum and Andesite content marls

・ the layers of stiff rocks and Shale

・ sandstones

・ moderate stiff rocks-metamorphic rocks

・ crumpled or moderately weathered stones

・ moderately fractured stones

・ granites (igneous)

・ fine limy stones

・ conglomerate

・ lime stone with thick layers

・ stiff and compacted formations

・ dolomites

・ huge alluvial layers


・ fine texture and highly dispersed, sore alkaline, high ability to expansion and compaction

・ granular silt and fine gravel

・ gravel

・ gravel texture-Lummi made of granite

・ moderate texture

・ dispersed boulder

・ limy layers

・ pebble texture

・ containing high percentage of boulder

・ stiff textured clay

・ containing high organic substances


・ raining for some days with short cycles of thunder

・ frequent heavy thunders

・ dry climate with heavy rain

・ run off of snow melting

・ moderate rainfalls

・ frequent thunders

・ wet climate and rainfalls with low intensity

・ mostly snowfall

・ freezing and melting

・ dry climate

Run off

・ high rate of discharge in surface

・ high amount of water flow in surface

・ hydrologic soils of group D

・ hydrologic soils of group C

・ maximum moderate discharge

・ moderate amount of run off in surface

・ hydrologic soils of group B

・ low amount of maximum discharge in surface

・ low amount of run off in surface

・ unique surface run off

・ hydrologic soils of group A

Lots of sediments(20)

Moderate sediments (10)

Low sediments(0)

The unpaved areas

・ deep slope areas more than 30%

・ high altitude, ups and downs

・ slope beds

・ flood resisting ups and downs

・ plateau with moderate slope less than 20%

・ expansion of flood resisting areas with fan shaped physiographic units

・ slow slope areas less than 5 %

・ expanded alluvial plain

Lots of sediments(10)

Moderate sediments (5)

Low sediments(0)

Limited plant coverage

・ land coverage less than 20%

・ dispersed plant coverage

・ the lack of pebble on the ground

・ ground coverage less than 40%

・ remarkable plant traces

・ dispersed trees

・ the ground surface completely covered by plants, more than 70% traces of plant and boulders

・ low permeability of rain into erodible materials

Land usage

・ more than 50% planted

・ the whole ground is like dispersed pasture

・ the plants recently burned

・ the recently cut jungle coverage

・ lots of road shears

・ less than 25% planted

・ less than 50% being extremely grazed

・ less than 50% of the jungle coverage recently cut.

・ the presence of usual roads and other constructions

・ implantable land

・ limited amount of grazing

・ trees not recently cut

・ with road or trails

High lands erosion

・ erosion plough, gally and a mass in more than 50% of the lands

・ high amount of erosion

・ the presence of various types of erosion in about 25% of the lands

・ wind erosion with sedimentation in water canals

・ moderate erosion

・ the absence of erosion signs

・ low erosion

River erosion and sediment transportation

・ frequent erosion at the river side

・ the erosion at the head and the decrease of their height

・ flow with depth and moderate continuity with frequent erosion at the river side or river bed

・ wide and low deep with flat slope of streams

・ river bed on huge rock masses with boulders or with good plant coverage on the surfaces

・ controlled streams