Total system


The third system

The evaluation index

SI (unit)

Urban resilience system (s)

Urban engineering subsystem


The level of communication (x11)

Bus number per ten thousand people (x111)


Road area per capita (x112)


Mobile phone number per capita (x113)


The level of livelihood protection (x12)

Water resources per capita (x121)

Tons per person

Power resources per capita (x122)

Kwh per person

Urban economic subsystem (x2)

The level of economic potential (x21)

GDP growth rate (x211)


Tertiary industry proportion (x212)


The level of economic effectiveness (x22)

GDP per square kilometers (x221)

Ten thousand Yuan per km2

GDP per ten thousand persons (x222)

Ten thousand Yuan per person

The level of economic innovation (x23)

Technology input proportion (x231)


Urban society subsystem


The level of society development (x31)

Population density (x311)

Persons per km2

Urbanization rate (x312)


The level of human development (x32)

Unemployment rate (x321)


Medical level index (x322)

Doctors per ten thousand persons

Learning resource index (x323)

Books per thousand persons

Student number in university (x324)


Urban ecology subsystem (x4)

The level of environment efficiency (x41)

Green cover rate (x411)


The level of environment governance (x42)

Industrial solid waste utilization (x421)


Living sewage treatment rate (x422)


Urban rubbish treatment rate (x423)


Sulphur dioxide treatment rate (x424)