The instance property


Metropolitan Development Commission

It is a body of opinion and decision consisting of the Governor and municipal authorities

Metropolitan Development Institute

It is a body for consultation, opinion and technical dependent of the Metropolitan Development Commission.

Citizen Metropolitan Council

It is a body for consultation and opinion of the society.


Council State Metropolitan

is a body for consultation and opinion involving State and municipal instances

Coordination of Development Metropolitana

It is an organ of consultation and opinion, conceived as a support of the Executive estate.

Metropolitan committees

Son unit bodies of opinion and consultation of society


Metropolitan Coordination Board

Political body and integrated decision by the Governor and municipal Presidents that make up the metropolitan area.

Institute Metropolitan of Planning


Citizen Metropolitan Council

Instance of consultation and citizen participation.


Council for the Metropolitan Development

Hierarchical query of the metropolitan planning body.

Technical Committee of the trust

Instance empowered to authorize resources.

Sub-Committee on evaluation of projects

Technical body to exercise resources.


Council for the Metropolitan Development


Institute of metropolitan planning for the sustainable development of the State of Oaxaca

Technical body for inter-municipal consensus of the jurisdicionados municipalities in the metropolitan area.

Honorary Council Metropolitan of citizen participation

Organ of consultation and consensus with civil society.

Committee on consensus-building and sectoral proposal

Technical and support of the tip fees metropolitans of citizen participation body


Metropolitan Development Council

Instance of consultation, opinion and consensus coordinated the implementation of plans and projects.

Metropolitan Development Fund

It is the Monetary Fund consisting of resources to finance the implementation of studies, programmes, projects, actions and works of metropolitan character.