Denomination Sample

Origin Material


DRX Analysis

Differential Thermal Analysis

Sample U CONV-13

Fine insulating CaF2 material

Easy to grind

CaF2-SiO2-UO2-UF5 and MgF2

Weight variation 1.19%

Sample U CONV-14

Insulation material contaminated with black particles

Black particles do not grind easily

CaF2.-SiO2.-UO2 and MgF2.

No weight loss

Sample U CONV 15

CaF2 contaminated with black particles

Difficult to disintegrate. it was milled in impact mill

CaF2.-U3O8.-UO2.-MgF2.-MgO. Mg. U and Si

It was not subjected to this analysis

Sample U CONV 16

Slag material. MgF2

Medium hard. grounded with difficulty under 80 mesh

CaF2.-MgF2.-UO2.-MgO.-U.-UF5. MgSiO3

There is no variation in weight.

Sample U CONV.17

Material of the reactor center. CaF2.

Easy to grind by contact with the lid

CaF2. SiO2. UO2. MgSiO3 and UF5

It was not subjected to this analysis