Target layer

Criteria layer

Indicator layer

The competitiveness of international

shipping center

Conditions of

Shipping production factors

the water depth at the front of the terminal

Container berth

GDP of the city where the port is located

GDP growth rate

Per capita GDP

The proportion of the tertiary industry to GDP

Tertiary industry output value

Highway density

Number of college students per 10,000 people

Per capita income

Shipping market demand conditions

Foreign trade import and export volume

Year-on-year growth rate of foreign trade volume

Foreign trade dependence

Cargo throughput

Cargo throughput growth rate

Container throughput

Container throughput growth rate

Shipping related and supporting industry factors

The added value of the financial industry accounts for the proportion of local GDP

Year-on-year growth rate of financial industry’s added value

Premium income

Insurance density

Internet broadband user penetration rate

Legal overall environment (1 - 4)

Auxiliary factors

Special tariff easing (1 - 4)

Overall tax environment (1 - 4)