Extracurricular Activities/ Responsible Students


Children Day/1st year

Student teachers provide mathematical activities for children on

Thailand National Children’s Day.

Math Camp/Sports Day/

2nd year and 4th year

Math Camp is an activity for student teachers to learn to work together. They join activities as organizers at school with peers, seniors, school teachers, director and lecturers. They create mathematical activity and recreate activities to enhance desirable characteristics for children. Sports Day is an activity that places emphasis on participation in sports


Study Tour/3rd year

Participants include more than 300 undergraduate students, graduate students and lecturers. Student teachers were the organizer of this activity. They learned to manage service, working together through study tours both domestic and international.

Participating in classroom activities/4th year

Student teachers observe classes and learn the work of teachers at school.

Practicum/5th year

In the final year, we call them student interns. They practiced teaching at project schools for 1 school year, or 2 semesters. They practice teaching with lesson study incorporating open approach consisting of lesson study teams in weekly cycles.