Factor sets

first-grade indicators

second-grade indicators

U1 Teaching objective

U11 Objectives are clear and appropriate

U12 Stimulate learning interest and enlighten wisdom of students


U2 Teaching content

U21 Having a solid knowledge base

U22 Imparting new knowledge in scientific and rigorous way

U23 Starting from the reality of life and creating problem situation

U24 The teaching process is reasonably arranged

U25 Proper handling of key and difficult points

U26 Accurate teaching and valuable guidance

U27 Combination of imparting knowledge and cultivating ability

U28 Focusing on the training of mathematical thought method and mathematical literacy

U3 Teaching method

U31 Adopting flexible and effective teaching methods

U32 Mobilizing enthusiasm of students and giving full play to the role of students

U33 Focusing on feedback and regulation of classroom information

U34 Focusing on students’ operating, independent inquiry

U4 Teacher quality

U41 Teaching language is clear and concise

U42 Blackboard writing is neat and reasonable design

U43 Having strong adaptability, flexibly controlling classroom

U44 Flexible using modern information technology for teaching

U5 Teaching effect

U51 Harmonious atmosphere, concentrating students’ attention and positive thinking

U52 Focusing on cultivating students’ ability of innovation

U6 Teaching innovation

U61 Unique education concept and idea

U62 Constructing innovative and distinctive knowledge system