Bio-National dimension

I think there is a real danger that white people become a minority in our homeland. (1)

It is important to me to avoid ethnic interbreeding. (2)

The purity of our blood is put at risk by immigrants settling down in the country. (2)

Aggressive behaviour and destructive tendencies are not hard-wired in immigrants (reversed item). (3)

I have no problem with a woman/man of my nation choosing a partner of a different ethnic background (reversed item).

Children of minorities are born with poorer abilities than Hungarian children. (1)

Cult-National dimension

I think that minorities prevent the people of my nation from being judged positively. (3)

Our values are better than those of other European countries.

Other cultures suppress our national traditions.

The culture of the minorities living with the nation is part of our culture. (reversed item)

I think that citizens of other countries appreciate our culture. (reversed item)

Our culture is outstanding compared to that of other countries. (4)

Economic National dimension

The stability of our country is at risk because of a lack of adequate economic growth. (5)

The cheap labour coming from abroad should not be admitted into the country. (6)

I am worried about the quality of the international representation of national economic interests. (4)

The levels of import should be reduced. (5)

I am not worried that domestic producers would be in a disadvantaged position as opposed to foreigners (reversed item).

It is beneficial for our economy that there are foreign companies operating in our country. (reversed item).

Socio-National dimension

The way equality before the law is applied in the jurisdiction makes me feel anxious. (6)

The national political elite is interested in undermining the cohesion of the society.

It makes me feel worried that more and more people are deprived of access to education in the current system.

I am fed up with groups promoting views of social exclusion.

It makes me feel upset that in this nation we are unable to have respect for the differences between us.

It is the economic actors that are responsible for the increasing tensions in our society. (7)

Gender dimension

I would feel distressed if someone of my own gender would flirt with me. (13)

I would feel distressed if I learned that a friend of mine was homosexual. (14)

I would feel upset if I were considered being homosexual. (14)

I think that men and women have the same rights and obligations.

As a woman, I would feel upset if it was not my duty to take care of the children in my family.

Women themselves are responsible for their failing to obtain leading positions.

As a man, I would feel upset if it was not my duty to provide the necessary resources for my family. (15)

Important decisions in a family have to be made by men. (16)

I think being the wage earner in the family does not suit a woman.

Women pursuing career ambitions are unattractive. (17)

As a man, I think I cannot let myself appear weak.

It is not one’s gender that determines one’s responsibilities in the family.

I would still love my child if I learnt that they were homosexual. (15)

Religion dimension

I feel threatened by people of a religion different from mine.

The freedom of religion should be restricted. (11)

I am not free to think about religion as I like. (11)

It is important for all to follow the same religion. (12)

I think I am not free to choose what I believe in. (10)

A person of a religion different from mine could never make friends with me. (13)

I cannot freely disclose my views on religion to whomever I like. (12)

Different religious convictions can coexist in peace (reversed item).