Existential dimension

I think that impoverishment is a real danger for me.

If everyone worked as hard as I do, there would be no poverty.

I see it harder and harder to provide an adequate standard of living for myself/ my family. (8)

It is unfair that while state leaders enjoy welfare, many are starving. (9)

I often think about the possibility of losing everything I have. (7)

Rich people exploit others.

I am assured that I will be able to provide for my children in the future.

Those having a lower standard of living should not have children.

I think I cannot gain a clear understanding of the ways of society.

The unemployed are unemployed because they are too lazy to work.

I think it is my circumstances that determine my options when making important decisions. (9)

Multinational companies have no regard for people’s interests. (8)

I think that the values I hold important do not prevail in the world.

It is economic administration, banks and managers of multinational companies that are responsible for the current situation. (10)

I think I am not in control of my own life.

Politicians are corrupt.