Variables Definition

Secondary Source

Firm’s Motivation: It is defined as, the consumers attribution of the company’s motive to launch a CRM program.

Ellen, Webb & Mohr 2006

Skepticism: It is defined as the consumer distrust or disbelief of marketer actions. These actions may include the motives of marketers, specific advertising claims, and public relations efforts (e.g., Ford, Smith, & Swasy, 1990; Obermiller & Spangenberg, 1998; Webb & Mohr, 1998) extended by Forehand & Grier [24] .

Bronn and Vrionni (2001)

Customer-cause compatibility: It is defined as the degree of importance and thus the related relevance which the cause has in the life of the consumer.

Menon and Kahn 2003

Customer’s perception about the company’s Image: It is the defined as the degree of consumers’ psychological attachment to a company based on a substantial overlap between their perceptions of themselves and their perceptions of the company.

Defined as C-C (consumer-company) Lee et al., 2012 adaption of Mael and Ashforth, 1992

Customer’s perception about the Image of NPO: It is defined as the image in the mind of consumer based on his opinion about the programs supported by the NPO.

Cornwell and Coote 2003

Customer’s perception about Fit between the Company and CRM: It is defined as the Congruency between the CRM program and the company.

Menon and Kahn 2003

Customer’s Perception about the CRM Communication: It is defined as the perception of the consumer about the manipulative intent of the CRM communication to increase sales

Skard and Helge 2014

Utilitarianism: It is defined as shopping orientation can be defined as practical, task-related, and rational

(Batra and Ahtola 1991); Babin et al. (1994)

Hedonism: It is defined as orientation that is related to, the potential entertainment and emotional value of shopping

(Bellenger et al. 1976); Babin et al. (1994); Voss et al. (2003)

Patronage Intention: is defined as the consumer’s patronage of a firm which is considered as organisations which support social cause.

Westberg, 2012; Walker, 2010;