Arthritis in any number of joints, together with a fever of at least 2 weeksduration that is documented to be daily (quotidian) for at least 3 days and is accompanied by one or more of the following:

Ÿ Evanescent (nonfixed) rash

Ÿ Generalized lymphadenopathy

Ÿ Enlargement of liver or spleen

Ÿ Serositis

Exclusion criteria:

1) Psoriasis in the index case or first-degree relative with psoriasis

2) Arthritis in HLA-B27-positive males after the 6th birthday

3) Ankylosing spondylitis, enthesitis-related arthritis, sacroiliitis with inflammatory bowel disease, reactive arthritis, acute anterior uveitis or first-degree relative with one of those conditions

4) Presence of immune globulin M rheumatoid factor on at least two occasions at least 3 months apart