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Digital representation

Digital space structure

The digital representations of rest mass and kinetic energy are 1 as attachment space for the space of matter and 0 as detachment space for the zero-space of matter, respectively

Higgs field, reverse Higgs field, quantum mechanics, special relativity, force fields, dark matter, baryonic matter

Digital spin

The digital representations of the exclusive and the inclusive occupations of positions are 1/2 spin fermion and integer spin boson, respectively

The expanding universe by spatial translation from supersymmetry transformation, dark energy

Digital electric charge

The digital representations of the allowance and the disallowance of irreversible kinetic energy are integral electric charges and fractional electric charges, respectively

The confinements of fractional charge quarks and quasiparticles

Mathematical computation

Oscillating M-theory

Oscillations between 11D and 10D and between 10D and 4D


Reversible multiverse

All physical laws and phenomena are permanently reversible, and temporary irreversibility of entropy increase is allowed


Selective retention

Selective retention of events

Selective retention of events in the narrative of the reversible four-stage evolution

Gravity, the strong force, electromagnetism, and the weak force as the retained events in the common narrative