Factor analysis of incubation project

Attitude of expert

Attitude of related technology group


Whether technical innovation is mature, can achieve the completion of the sample, the function is consistent.

Whether the technology can arouse the audience’s interest, whether to recognize the innovation.


Whether the expert’s understanding of the technology is, whether it is a comprehensive assessment of the meaning of technology.

Whether to understand the meaning of the technological innovation.


Whether the technology has a good industrial prospects, bring the expected benefits.

Whether the target group expects the technology to be industrialized.

Time period

The product’s time-cycle assessment is related to the risk of technology investment.

Whether to recognize the cycle of technological industrialization.

Funding invest

Whether the industrialization requires a lot of capital investment.

Whether it is recognized as a high capital investment and output model.

Related with management

Whether it can rely on the faculties of the disciplines and technical advantages.

And whether the combination of the advantages of the academy has become a screening index of the project.