An operating state-owned aircraft building enterprise

A newly created aircraft building holding company

Internal TC of:

External TC of:

Internal TC of:

External TC of:

 internal turnover,

 energy service,

 mechanical repairs,

 carrying out research,

 information support,

 functioning of the enterprise performed by internal units.

 marketing;

 negotiating and contracting;

 protecting against opportunistic behavior;

 costs related to the protection of brands, trademarks, intellectual property;

 costs associated with engaging with suppliers and buyers in the market.

 elaboration of organizational project and its coordination with experts and departments;

 formation of the management company;

 deployment of the corporate communication system;

 reorganization, implementation of a new system of standards, reporting, management; management;

 upkeep of the management personnel of the integrated structure;

 creation of a unified system of research and development in the integrated company;

 creation of a unified system of accounting, reporting, finance;

 creation and management of a single distribution network.

 state registration and establishment of the new organization;

 implementation of transfer financing mechanism and other effective integration tools;

 creation and implementation of legitimate taxation schemes (including the costs of the registration of intermediary firms, enterprises in offshore zones);

 M&A related to the implementation of the M&A agreement (the costs of selecting the target company, the costs of negotiating with regard to the M&A agreement, concluding an agreement on the intent under the M&A agreement, the costs of conducting comprehensive analysis of financial, legal and management documentation, the costs of structuring the agreement, the costs of negotiating to reach a final agreement at the price of the agreement between the shareholders (owners) of enterprises, the costs of final financial payments and the payment of commissions).