To make the actors look good

· To give (customer) attention

· To start conversations (with costumer)

Altinay et al., 2014

To help (customer) and try to solve (partners) personal and business problem (e.g., regarding to the contract, like technical help and advanced payment)

Bowey and Easton, 2007; Nguyen and Rose, 2009;

Altinay et al., 2014

To not take advantage of (venture capital) even if the opportunity arose

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To provide guarantees for payment and delivery

Welter et al., 2004 [75]

Motives: It consider intentions, positive attitudes, and to want to do good and exhibit concern about well-being of actors [14] , taking good actions. In definitely, doing well by doing good (19 articles)

To develop good actions

· To be generous

To appropriately give this contact person (partner) some gifts

Nguyen and Rose, 2009

To sharing and offering more than enough

Altinay et al., 2014

· To take account the actors’ interest

To adapt her interests to fit those of commercial partners

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To get that they (bank managers) feel of us

Sengupta, 2011

To hint themselves in the land that they (entrepreneur team’s members) can be part of this

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To take decisions in the best interests of all shareholders

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· To treat them as “people” not as customer

To provide an important requirement in dealing

Sengupta, 2001

To value them (costumers) with their characters and personalities

Altinay et al., 2014

To treat well clients

To make the client feel well

Lopes et al., 2009

· To take care the stakeholders

To exhibit concern about well-being of others

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To devote genuine care

Bowey and Easton, 2007; Bergh et al., 2011

She always knows what will suit me (customer)

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To demonstrate her desire to do good to others

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To pay attention to the needs of the employees

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· To be a good person

To grant a deferment of payment to its customer without problem

Presutti et al., 2011

To be good girl

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· To send the products to the customer before receiving the entire payment

Presutti et al., 2011

· To process the customer’s order without receiving a formal order

To have a set of intentions, positive attitudes and courtesy

· To signal conscientiousness

Moss et al., 2015

· To show courage