· To domain a knowledge

Scarbrough et al., 2013

To display her own skills (to have acquired a proficiency in the execution of operations to achieve a certain goal state)

Bowey and Easton, 2007; Scarbrough et al., 2013

· To be equipped with technical skills to handle the daily operations.

Jean and Tan, 2001 [64] ; Payne et al., 2009; Bergh et al., 2011; Sengupta, 2011

· To have leadership ability

Payne et al., 2009

Interpersonal competence: To possess relational skills [4] [43] [44] (5 articles)

To talk about almost anything in the network (communication)

Bergh et al., 2011

Body language

Bergh et al., 2011

To be able to convince

Curtis et al., 2010

· To be capable to convince customers about her products and services

Jansson, 2011 [65]

To foster external legitimacy

Jansson, 2011

· To explain and clarify all possibilities and advantages, that could offer her new product or service

To develop a process of persuasion

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To keep someone who was respected

MacDougall and Hurst, 2007 [66]

To develop gestural language

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· Eye gaze and changes in facial expression

Judgment: To make accurate decisions [14] [44] (1 article)

To make accurate and objective decisions

Maxwell and Lévesque, 2014