To give to know her work, so some of her clients did not have too much uncertainty to invest in her company

Lopes et al., 2009

To get higher-status partnership

Lopes et al., 2009

· To establish alliances and partnerships with larger and higher status firms.

Functional/specific competence: To control knowledge and skills related to a specific task and competence to develop the best possible it [14] [43] [44] (19 articles)

To possess competence (capable to act properly and with a good result while solving problems in a complex, real-life environment)

Bowey and Easton, 2007 [58] ; Sengupta, 2011; Howorth and Moro, 2012

· To be very good at doing his job and to evidence the quality of your work

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· To possess extensive capabilities

Lopes et al., 2009

· To demonstrate she is able to respond to client’s needs

· To satisfy the client at the moment and exchange the material immediately

Lopes et al., 2009

· To hand-on solving problem instead of hand-off market contracting approach

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· To work harder—“to meet expectations”

Curtis et al., 2010

· To be able to deliver what she considered his customers wanted—cheaper quality products

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· To show clarity and efficiency of activity through new buildings, machines and systems

Holt and Macpherson, 2010

· To have ability to perform well a task

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· To give input, accurate feedback and advice during presentations and discussions

Bergh et al., 2011

· To know very well their (entrepreneur team’s member) capabilities

· To do things right

Discua et al., 2013

· To have personal and professional background

Scarbrough et al., 2013

· To display relevant technical and/or business ability

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To have knowledge (to recall facts, concepts, principles and procedures within certain domains)

· To have a very good formal education (secondary and university levels)

Jenssen and Kristiansen, 2004; Payne et al., 2009

· To master good English language communication skills

· To use language effectively

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· To be intellect

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· To possess specific knowledge and business

Bergh et al., 2011

· To possess extensive knowledge of the product

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· To show what she knows and she has dedicated to study (e.g. knowledge)

· To have a good faith on the entrepreneur team members’ knowledge

· To be good in something (e.g. negotiation)

Discua et al., 2013